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Mon village (Wang Kha) and the floating rafts

The village has been formed by Mon refugees fleeing oppression in Burma, and these good-natured people have now become a vital part of the Sangkhlaburi community.

Photo of Mon village (Wang Kha) and the floating rafts

There's not much happening here, but you'll likely receive smiles as you wander through the stilted houses and souvenir stands where you can score something cheap and unusual, like Burmese hairbrushes and traditional Mon sarongs.

Behind the village on the way to the wat you'll pass a small market selling goods mainly for the local residents -- though keep an eye out for some Burmese products.

Also don't miss the excellent Mon food shops near the entrance to the bridge. The most direct way to visit the village is via the wooden bridge or by boat.

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Last updated on 26th June, 2013.

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