Bridge to the Mon Village

Bridge to the Mon Village

The longest handmade bridge in the world

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Update: In mid 2013, part of the wooden bridge collapsed due to an unusually powerful current and high water level in the lake.
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As a temporary replacement, residents tied together an almost equally impressive floating bamboo bridge.

At 442 metres long, it’s one of Sangkhlaburi’s signature sites and is, aesthetically at least, far more interesting than that bridge over in Kanchanaburi. It’s not hard to tell that it was handmade, as it looks almost like the thin planks were nailed together in a completely random pattern.

In the wet season the water level almost reaches the top of the bridge, and has in the past completely covered it. In the dry season, about two thirds of the bridge’s structure is visible, revealing the nerve-wracking web of poles that hold the bridge up. The bridge makes for particularly scenic viewing in the early morning as the Mon tread its length on their way to work with all their belongings on their heads.

If you happen to be here during Songkran you’ll see the Mon people splashing water on each other atop the bridge. You are no longer allowed to ride motorcycles over the bridge, but bicycles are permitted.

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