Photo: The ruins lie as little as a metre from the road.

Prang Khaek

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Built as a Hindu sanctuary around the 10th century, Prang Khaek is thought to be the oldest monument in Lopburi that still stands today.

Photo of Prang Khaek

The small site features a central Khmer-style prang made of bricks and mortar, complimented on either side by two smaller prangs. With pointed entranceways and rivets adorning tiers that narrow towards the top, the style is thought to derive from the Preah Ko school of art that flourished in the 9th and 10th centuries. King Narai added a small wihaan and Brahmin hall, indicating that he wanted to retain a Hindu element at the site during an era when many preexisting Hindu sanctuaries were incorporated into Buddhist temples.


Prang Khaek stands at the centre of a fairly busy intersection, with the ruins located no more than a metre from the pavement in places. It’s a great place to snap photos of everyday trucks and motorcyclists whizzing past a thousand-year-old monument.

It’s easy to stop here on the way from Phra Prang Sam Yod to Ban Wichayen.

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Prang Khaek

Intersection of Wichayen, Prang Sam Yod and Sorasak Rds, Lopburi

Location map for Prang Khaek

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