Photo: A onetime Khmer outpost.

Wat Phra Phutthabat

Literally translated, this means 'Buddha Footprint', and that is exactly what this shrine houses.

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It was discovered during the rule of King Song Kham of Ayutthaya and is now considered to be one of the most significant in Thailand. The shape is unusual, looking more like a coffin than a footprint. The footprint is kept in a golden shrine decorated with thousands of glittering coloured glass shards.

How to get there
The shrine is actually in Saraburi province (31 km from Saraburi town) but is just as easy to visit from Lopburi, which also has a few more sites to squeeze in than Saraburi. If you have seen all of Lopburi's sights in the morning, this makes for a fine afternoon excursion. To reach here, jump on any Saraburi-bound bus and jump of at the 14 km marker, where a Bangkok Bank lies to the left and a huge white archway is on the right. It's about 1 km through the archway to the base of the temple. Admission is 30B for westerners, free for Thais.

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Last updated on 14th January, 2009.

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