Sunsets and viewpoints

Sunsets and viewpoints

A few spots to choose from

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From the Buddha’s Footprint, situated high above the ground, you can see the lustrous Yellow Buddha, a glimpse of the only lake on the island, and a get a 360-degree view of the entirety of Ko Si Chang.
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To catch pink, orange, and yellow sunsets that light up the evening sky, dine on the west side of the island. Asdang Pier, which is inside the palace grounds, is a white dock that juts out into the ocean, and a tempting photo opportunity.

Chong Khao Kad, a white bridge that flanks the rocky coast, boasts seaside views and stairs that lead down to the lulling waters and up to a higher vantage point. The grounds surrounding Chong Khao Kad features a restaurant with seating over the water, scattered concession stands for snacks, and manicured lawns, perfect for a picnic.

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Haad Tham Phang

The only public beach on Ko Si Chang

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Chinese Temple, Buddha's Footprint and Yellow Buddha

A test in devotion and endurance