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Khao Kheow Open Zoo

Riding an elephant as you pass by giraffe, zebra and deer is quite an experience.

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It's not quite the Serengeti, but this open zoo does manage to combine the interests of tourists with the interests of animals extremely well, and is noted for its conservation work. Animals live out in the open, separated from visitors by moats and, only occasionally, cages. As well as the obligatory animal shows, there is plenty of information about the animals, and why they need protecting. It's a great place for families, and also good value.

How to get there
If you have your own transport, head back along Sukhumvit Rd towards Bangkok, and look for the signs to turn right at Bang Phra. From there, signs in English will lead the way. If you don't have a ride, you can hire a tuk-tuk in Sri Racha for 400B return.

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Khao Kheow Open Zoo
235 M.7 Bang Phra

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