Photo: A minor religious sanctuary, back in the day.

Prang Ku

Built of laterite around the 12th century, Prang Ku was a minor religious sanctuary when the Khmer empire ruled over the area.

Though it doesn't compare to Phimai or Phanom Rung, the site is worth a visit if you have a particular interest in Khmer ruins or are simply looking for a leisurely side trip from Chaiyaphum town.

Prang Ku proves just how rural Chaiyaphum really is.

Prang Ku proves just how rural Chaiyaphum really is. Photo: David Luekens

Rimmed by a low laterite wall, the central prang rises to perhaps 10 metres over the surrounding countryside. Inside the musty shrine room is an ancient Dvaravati-style Buddha image that was found elsewhere and placed here in relatively recent times. Locals offer the occasional flower garland and bathe the image in a yearly ritual held in April.

The site is otherwise devoid of details save what appears to be a cracked depiction of the Hindu god Indra on a badly damaged sandstone lintel. Wander to the back of the grounds to take photos of the central prang viewed through a series of stone passageways, which face east towards the rising sun.

The damaged lintel.

The damaged lintel. Photo: David Luekens

If nothing else, a trip to Prang Ku proves just how rural Chaiyaphum really is. By the time you’ve walked just a couple of kilometres east of downtown to this site, you feel as though you’re well outside the city and into laid-back Isaan village life.

How to get there
Prang Ku is located less than two kilometres east of the traffic circle at the east end of Bannakarn Road. It’s a pleasant walk, but tuk tuks can take you here and back for around 100 baht if it’s too hot to walk.

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Prang Ku
Bannakan Rd, Chaiyaphum

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