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Tat Ton National Park

Group tours aside, you are likely to be almost alone in the park, and pretty much certainly the only foreigner – on our visit, with the exception of one group leaving as we arrived, we counted only two or three other Thais, and we were certainly a novelty to the bored-looking guards at the gate collecting our 100B entrance fee.

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Take a songthaew from Chaiyaphum, leaving from the northern end of Non Muang Road – for 30B you'll be dropped an hour later at the entrance to the park, from where it's a couple of kilometres' hilly but perfectly doable, well-signposted and worthwhile walk to the falls, where you will be rewarded with ample opportunity for beautiful shots of the photogenic falls.

Tat Fah is another, smaller waterfall worth taking a look at while you're there, while the whole park is in itself a dream of peace and tranquillity. Songthaews don't do the return leg of the journey after the morning, but you can hitch a ride back to Chaiyaphum quite easily.

If all else fails, walk some way along the road you came down, make yourself look tired and wait for a few women to start shouting, asking if you need a lift back to Chaiyaphum (for a price). They came to our rescue, so they're to for you as well.

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Last updated on 27th May, 2011.

Tat Ton National Park
23km out of Chaiyaphum

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