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Waterfalls in Khao Yai

Located at the end of the road that cuts east near the campgrounds, The waters of Haew Suwat drop straight off a 20 metre cliff into a large pool ringed by jungle, and although not the park's tallest the falls are breathtaking to behold.

Photo of Waterfalls in Khao Yai

The site was made famous by a scene in the Leonardo DiCaprio film, The Beach, that was filmed here. While jumping off the cliff like Leo is strictly prohibited, as is swimming in the immediate pool, a nearby trail winds for three km alongside the river and there are some great opportunities for a jungle swim down this path. Just watch out for monitor lizards!

Perhaps more impressive still is Haew Narok waterfall, situated at the end of a one km trail off the main road towards the south of Khao Yai. Dropping a total of over 150 metres, Haew Narok is a three tiered waterfall spread over steep cliffs, with the upper two tiers more gradual and the bottom one seeing water free fall dramatically down a 50 metre drop. There are several trails around the falls and a viewpoint, and the area is also a frequent bathing spot for wild elephants.

There are several other waterfalls to see, most of which are located down one to five km hiking trails. Some other popular falls are Kong Kaeo, Pha Kluai, and Mai Phlon, and park officials at the Visitor Centre are happy to inform visitors on how to reach these and many more.

Keep in mind however that many of the falls slow to a trickle during the dry season, and can be dangerous if visitors get too close when the falls are most powerful during the rainy season.

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Last updated on 18th July, 2012.

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