Photo: Drying out on the streets of Khorat.

Bung Talua Park

Head to this scenic park to take a break from the traffic and congestion of the city.

Photo of Bung Talua Park

Bring your trainers and jog around the track or grab a picnic and a shady spot by the artificial lake. Popular with locals, the park offers prime people-watching opportunities and allows a glimpse into a small slice of Khorat life.

A walk around the park offers picturesque views and a breath of fresh air. A green oasis of calm just 10 minutes from the centre of the city, it's quiet, the air feels clean and you leave refreshed.

Festivals and celebrations are often held here and it is easily reached via songtheaw #11.

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Last updated on 2nd December, 2014.

Location map for Bung Talua Park

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