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Farms and vineyards tour

While there are countless small farms and vineyards scattered throughout the area, the biggest and most easily accessible are located 10-20 km down Mittraphap Rd (Rte.

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2) to the southwest in the Muak Lek area.

By far the largest and most touristed of the farms is Farm Chokchai, which is impossible to miss on the left if heading away from Pak Chong. A local tourist hot spot, Chokchai offers two-hour long tours for 250B per person that give visitors a hands on education of dairy farm operations along with a full tractor pulled tour around part of the farm. The tour ends off with an extensive petting zoo, a rodeo skills display by real live cowboys, and a show where you can see little dogs dressed up in pink tootoos hopping around on their hind legs. While it's fun for the kids, we recommend skipping the tour and just grabbing a Chokchai made ice cream cone before moving on. If you do want to put your cow milking abilities to the test, Chokchai is open everyday from 8:00 to 17:00, with tours departing regularly throughout the day. If you can't get enough of the place they also offer camping, which costs 2,500B per person for two nights and three days, unlimited farm activities included. Farm Chokchai may be reached at (044) 328 386 or (044) 328 485.

Once back on Mittraphap Rd head a couple kilometres further southwest and look for the blue sign on the left pointing to Supatra Vineyard. Located down a quiet country road -- you'll know it when you see two enormous wine bottles on the right. Supatra is a small, family run operation offering decent wines, grape juice and locally made treats. They're open from 7:00 to 18:00 everyday, and offer tours of the vineyards for 50B. If feeling more adventurous you can rent an ATV and explore the grounds for 99B per hour.

After Supatra, go back to Mittraphap Rd and continue southwest until you see Suwan Farm on the left along the main road. You'll know it by the giant corn cobs jutting forth from the ground in front of the farm like sacred corny phalluses. There's not a whole lot to see here, although visitors are free to walk around the farm and get lost in the flowers and vegetables free of charge. The real reason to stop at Suwan is for its extensive farm stand, which is the best place in the area to pick up locally produced goodies like corn juice and sunflower cookies. Or stick to the traditional boiled sweet corn on the cob picked fresh from the farm.

Continue southwest on Mittraphap Rd and things really start to get interesting. Look for the many blue signs pointing left down a side road for Art Floating Market and Wat Phra Khao among a host of other resorts and attractions. Turn down this road and before long you'll see the giant white Buddha of Wat Phra Khao perched on the side of a mountain. Get closer to the white Buddha and you'll find Prapatsorn Vineyard on the left, with the Buddha image looming high above Prapatsonr's colourful flower gardens and vineyards. There's no sign in English but the purple and white paint theme on the building is a dead give away that this is a winery. Prapatsorn features some refined wines along with fresh grapes, more local snacks including some delicious grape cookies, and their specialty tamarind juice. Prapatsorn is open 8:00 to 17:00 daily and may be reached at (044) 322 311 or (081) 848 0717.

If you continue down the road to the left past Prapatsorn you'll hit the Art Floating Market, which is clearly marked with signs. It's not a real, traditional floating market, but it does feature some pleasantly soothing grounds filled with flowers, ponds and local art. There are also a few quality restaurants and caf├ęs so it's a good place to stop for lunch or coffee.

Next head back to Mittraphap Rd once again and continue southwest until you see another large grouping of blue signs just past the Dairy Home milk farm. This time you'll see signs for Khao Yai National Park and Flora Park among many others. Take a left down this road and after a few kilometres the countryside gets increasingly more scenic with numerous picturesque small farms and villages sitting in the shadow of the Khao Yai mountains. Follow the signs towards Khao Yai and you'll first see Granmonte Winery on the right, the area's largest and most well known vineyard. Aside from having the best wines and wine tasting atmosphere in the area, Granmonte also offers tours of their extensive vineyards, as well as an excellent fine dining restaurant. There's even a guesthouse just in case you indulge in too much of the juice to drive away. Granmonte may be reached at (036) 227 3345 or (080) 661 7555.

After Granmonte, continue down the same road and keep right as the road cuts back west. If you turn left (east) the road eventually comes out at Thanarat Rd near the Khao Yai gates. Follow the signs for PB Valley, another large vineyard that's home to Khao Yai Winery. As with the others, here you can sample the local wine and a range of snacks or tour the vineyards. PB Valley runs from 8:00 to 18:00 daily, and may be reached at ((022) 620 029.

If you've had your fill at this point you may either back track to Mittraphap Rd, take the road east to Thanarat Rd and Khao Yai, or continue west a few kilometres past charming villages and countryside. If continuing west you'll want to continuously bear right in order to get back to Mittraphap Rd, and then will need to perform a U turn to head back towards Pak Chong. If time allows on the way back, Namto Chet Sao Noi National Park is a 20 minute detour north through Muak Lek village.

Songthaews do not run this far out of Pak Chong, so you'll need to rent a motorbike or car, or hire a taxi for the day to get here. Note: Mittraphap Rd is a major thoroughfare with lots of trucks and high speed limits so if travelling on motorbike be careful to stay far to the left side of the road, and always use the separated shoulder road when available.

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Farms and vineyards tour
Scattered 10-20km from Pak Chong

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