Photo: Khao soi in Chiang Mai.

Somphet market

A very traditional little shopping spot, Somphet market is just off Moonmuang Road, right in the heart of Chiang Mai’s Guesthouse-land . In fact we can only assume that most customers in the market these days are guesthouse cooks, since there really aren’t many private houses in this part of town anymore. Now there’s not a lot there that your average visitor would actually want to purchase, (the cook’s already got the chicken and green curry paste), but it is an interesting place to wander around and it is excellent for a morning coffee or fresh fruit juice, or for that matter, a late night noodle soup when everything else is shut.

Somphet - an old style market

An old-style market.

The market itself is mostly fruit and veg, plus some fly-blown meat, but it is surrounded by plenty of cheapo coffee and juice stalls.

Far cheaper and better than St....cks!!

Far cheaper and better than St....cks!!

You can also grab a bite to eat in one of the adjacent cafes and noodle stalls spilling out along the edge of Moonmuang Road.

With curry paste straight from the market opposite

With curry paste straight from the market opposite.

So grab a juice and watch the Chiang Mai locals in a traditional market while you can — it’ll probably all be turned into the Somphet Boutique Lodge in a couple of years!

Morning natter in the market

Morning natter in the market.

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Last updated on 20th September, 2013.

Somphet market
Moonmuang Rd

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