Photo: Late light by Kamphaeng Phet's river.

Kamphaeng Phet Riverfront

Kamphaeng Phet has taken full advantage of a one and a half kilometre stretch of riverfront by lining it with trees, steps and benches that are great for watching the sunset.

Photo of Kamphaeng Phet Riverfront

Across Sirijit Road from the main riverfront area, the large Sirichit Park is divided into two areas outfitted with playgrounds, exercise equipment, tennis and basketball courts, and walkways suitable for a jog. Each evening around sunset, several women set up chairs along the riverfront, across the road from the northern half of Sirichit Park, to offer foot massages -- you won’t find a better way to end a tiring day.

A stone's throw south of the southern portion of the park, just beyond the night market, a bridge leads to the riverine island of Ko Klang. Someday the small island will probably be developed into a lovely recreation area but at time of writing it’s overgrown with a few rundown gazebos where locals go fishing. On the north side of the island is a derelict Chinese temple that’s worth a peek if you're searching for something to do.

The northern part of Sirichit Park is located across from the riverfront at the west end of Tesa 1 Soi 12. The southern part is found just north of the night market between Tesa 1 Rd and Sirijit Rd.

Last updated on 13th June, 2016.

Kamphaeng Phet Riverfront
Riverfront, Kamphaeng Phet

Location map for Kamphaeng Phet Riverfront

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