Photo: Wat Jong Kham, Mae Hong Son.

Wat Jong Klang and Wat Jong Kham

The twin Shan-Burmese-style wats of Wat Jong Klang and Jong Kham and their reflections on Jong Kham lake make for the classic Mae Hong Son photo.

Photo of Wat Jong Klang and Wat Jong Kham

The brilliant white and golden chedis mesh with the green roofs and their yellow edgings to form a glistening mirage across the surface of the lake, broken only by the lake's fountains.

Wat Jong Kham is the elder of the two and is best known for its large wooden throne. However, it is in Wat Jong Klang that you'll find the real attraction -- a collection of paintings on glass and an impressive collection of teak statues and dolls of Burmese origin. Note that some sections of Wat Jong Klang are off-limits to women.

Local rumour holds that the stone lion statue beside the lake faces Burma and is meant to scare off invading Burmese armies.

The wats, to the south of the lake, are best seen in February when their immaculate gardens are in full bloom but they’re pretty spectacular any time of year.

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Last updated on 18th August, 2015.

Wat Jong Klang and Wat Jong Kham
Beside Jong Kham lake, central Mae Hong Son

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