Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat

Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat

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Arguably the most impressive site in Si Satchanalai, Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat is layered with Mon, Khmer and Thai religious artistry, and is today an active royal-grade Theravada Buddhist temple set at the end of an oxbow in the Yom River -- don’t let the slightly out-of-the-way location keep you from coming.

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Also known as Wat Phra Borommathat Chaliang or Wat Phra Phrang, the temple is usually referred to simply as Wat Phra Si. The considerable presence of Khmer-style art hints that it could have been established as early as the 11th century, and it may have been a Dvaravati religious site even earlier. With the Yom flowing past to the east before looping back west, the land would have been seen as a suitable location for a sacred shrine or temple.

The main affair at Wat Phra Si. : David Luekens.
The main affair at Wat Phra Si. Photo: David Luekens

Delicate apsaras and other carvings join four striking faces representing the Mahayana Buddhist bodhisattva Avolokitesvara on a small tower above the front gate. A much larger Khmer-style corncob-shaped prang stands just beyond the gate and is in fantastic condition.

A large Sukhothai-style Buddha image in the subduing Mara posture sits on the base of a wihaan that fronts the prang -- it was added around the 14th century when Sukhothai kings transformed a number of ancient Khmer-style sites into Thai Theravada temples. Elegant Sukhothai-style walking Buddha images are placed on either side of the wihaan’s laterite walls.

Offerings between the feet. : David Luekens.
Offerings between the feet. Photo: David Luekens

The oddball of the complex is a Mon-style chedi with a massive base made of laterite bricks and a broken upper section -- it appears to be the great grandpa of Wat Phra Si’s many attributes. It sits alone surrounded by a lawn between the temple’s largest section around the prang and a second area out back with a few more Buddha images.

Do wander all the way back to see towering Sukhothai-style standing Buddha images in the Phra Atharot style, similar to those found at Wat Mahathat and Wat Saphan Hin down in Sukhothai. Encased by the thick walls of a mondop, these are also in excellent shape. Another ancient wihaan with two more seated Buddha images grace the rear of the complex next to what appears to be a Bodhi tree entangled in a tamarind tree.

Seated with a sash at Wat Phra Si. : David Luekens.
Seated with a sash at Wat Phra Si. Photo: David Luekens

Before getting close to the ruins you’ll have to pass through the temple’s modern section, including a roughly century-old ordination hall enshrining a rather jolly-looking Buddha image. After exploring the complex you could browse the amulets and souvenirs at a few little shops before strolling out on a narrow suspension bridge for a view of the Yom.

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Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat is located three kilometres east of Si Satchanalai Historical Park at the far eastern end of the riverside lane, in ancient Chaliang. It’s a separate attraction overseen by the active temple community. Admission is 20 baht.

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Coordinates (for GPS): 99º48'39.81" E, 17º25'47.04" N
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Admission: 20 baht

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