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Budo-Sungai Padi Mountains National Park

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Located 26 km to the north of Narathiwat on Route 42 en-route to Saiburi and Pattani, this small National Park is situated just to the south of Ba Cho (pronounced Bajo) at the base of a range of hills.

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The main attracttion here is the 60m tall Bajo Waterfall which flows through the park and is around 250m from the park office. The water cascades down a stone cliff before curling through the area, creating a series of small pools popular for wading in. You can follow a fairly strenuous trail up the left side of the falls to reach a series of better and more isolated pools -- you'll find more the higher up you go. Towards the top a weir has been constructed, creating an ideal spot for a swim. While very popular on weekends, on weekdays the park is largely deserted. While the park supposedly has a 200B admission fee for foreigners, if you're lucky they'll let you in for free. Bajo means waterfall in the local Jawi dialect.

How to get there
To reach the park, take a Pattani-bound minibus or songtheaw and jump off either at the turn off to the falls (it is well signposted) from where it is about a 2km walk, or at Ba Cho itself where you can get a motobike taxi to the falls for 30B. To return to Narathiwat, just hop on a songtheaw or bus on the other side of the road.

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Budo-Sungai Padi Mountains National Park

26km north of Narathiwat

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