Photo: Pa Phru To Daeng peat swamp.

Pa Phru To Daeng

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Pa Phru To Daeng is Thailand’s largest peat swamp forest and has abundant flora and fauna with over 400 kinds of plant life and more than 200 species of birdlife.

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A great visitor's Centre has been built which includes a network of raised wooden pathways through a portion of the swamp. The walk is excellent and fully signposted in Thai and English (unlike the visitor's centre which is in Thai only). There are two pathways that run for a total of almost 2km and take you into the middle of the swamp. Expect to see monkeys, loads of birdlife (including hornbills if you're lucky) frogs and other critters. There is also a bird-watching tower and a suspension bridge. Not many of the guides speak Engish, but Anne (Aei), a cheery local with a contagious enthusiasm for the park is well worth asking for -- her English is fine. Highly recommended.

How to get there
The park is best reached by motorbike taxi from Sungai Kolok town. It is around 6km from town and a trip out there and back should cost 120B-150B including waiting time.

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Pa Phru To Daeng

6km out of Sungai Kolok

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