Photo: A quiet moment in Ngao national park.

Porn Rang Hot Springs at Ngao National Park

Far larger and more elaborate than Rahsawarin hot springs in Ranong town, the springs of Porn Rang are spread over a relatively vast area and include over a dozen different pools of varying temperatures, some completely natural and others that have been built into man made pools with ladders and all.

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The grounds are filled with flowers and small bridges, and it's an exceptionally picturesque place that feels like a Japanese Zen flower garden in places.

There is also a restaurant and some lovely cottages with large porches, air-con and hot water available for 500B per night, and a stay here offers a relaxed, comfortable and romantic atmosphere for budget prices, so if you've got your own wheels this might be Ranong's best place to stay as well.

How to get there
The hot springs are located about 9 km south of Ranong off Phet Kasem Rd (Rte. 4), and the sign is easy to miss but it is there. The springs are actually situated about 500 m down a road behind a small housing development. As they are officially part of Ngao National Park, a 100B entry fee (20B for Thais) is technically required. This ticket is valid for Ngao National Park further down the road and the hot springs, although at the hot springs there were no park officials checking tickets.

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Last updated on 20th July, 2012.

Porn Rang Hot Springs at Ngao National Park
9km south of Ranong
08:00 - 17:00

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