Photo: A quiet moment in Ngao national park.

Ranong Canyon

The lake was once an old mine and has filled with rain and ground water that reflects the colour of the surrounding jungle and cliffs in brilliant emerald green.

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It's a very peaceful place, perfect for a picnic lunch, and there are some outstanding photography opportunities to be found.

To get here you can take a motorcycle taxi for around 200B both ways, or rent a moped for yourself. Like the hot springs, blue signs for the canyon are clearly marked throughout Ranong, and although the road to get there leads through a couple small villages and takes a few twists and turns, the signs are so plentiful that it's near impossible to get lost.

Just the ride itself makes the trip worth it as there are some great jungle and mountain views to be found along the road itself.

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Last updated on 20th July, 2012.

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