Photo: A quiet moment in Ngao national park.

Historical sites in Ranong

Set on a hill to the north-west of the city is a tomb of Ranong's first prince/governor, Damrong Sujarit Mahisondakdi.

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The prince died in 1882 and nearby the tomb is a hall with five marble Buddha statues and temple decorated with Burmese art. Just past the police station on Ruangrat Rd lies the ruins of the prince's house.

Finally there's Nai Khai Ranong, which liesabout 1 km south past the post office on Ruangrat Road. To reach them take the turn on the left just after the white walled enclosure. The building is a shrine/commemoration of King Rama V. The building contains some memorabilia, some really way out photos of the man himself and some interesting photo albums. If you are lucky someone will be hanging around who may explain what its all about.

Allow an hour to walk there and back from central Ruangrat Rd.

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Last updated on 20th July, 2012.

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