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Wat Hat Yai Nai (Sleeping or Reclining Buddha)

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At 35 metres long and 15 metres tall he is thought to be the third largest in the world.

Photo of Wat Hat Yai Nai (Sleeping or Reclining Buddha)

The open-air temple is closely built around the Buddha as he appears to gaze bemused through the hefty looking pillars. There is a consistent flow of visiting tourists as well as worshippers, and a friendly monk nearby gives good luck blessings to those who seek it.

A few items are for sale, such as small statuettes and joss sticks, which help fund the upkeep of the temple grounds. Donations are appreciated in exchange for the monk's time, and you'll get a colourful bracelet as a reminder of your visit and your future good fortune.

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Wat Hat Yai Nai (Sleeping or Reclining Buddha)

Near Khlong U Taphao Bridge, Phetchakasem Rd, Hat Yai
Daily, 08:00 - 17:00

Location map for Wat Hat Yai Nai (Sleeping or Reclining Buddha)

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