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Where to watch sport on Ko Tao?

Having travelled with a sports fanatic I know how important seeing the game, match, fight, race or whatever can be. I don’t understand it, but know to some it’s like air. So when you’re travelling to Ko Tao, where to go when you really can’t miss… that thing?

You want to leave this to go watch sport? Really?

You want to leave this to go watch sport? Really? Well, okay then…

If you are in Sairee then it’s really a no-brainer. Choppers Bar and Grill is where it’s at. During big international tournaments and events they will open to show events live, no matter what time it is locally. They have 15 wide screen TVs meaning that if events clash you can actually keep track of two things at once. Re-runs are screened and the manager is very obliging if you have missed something that you just have to see. There are two large projectors in addition, so no matter where you sit you can’t help but have a good view.

During big events the place is packed and the atmosphere intense, charged and complements whatever sport admirably with the spirit of friendly rivalry. The crowd is mixed during sporting events with locals and tourists alike. To keep your strength up Choppers have a large menu and probably one of the largest ranges of beers on the island. You can find this sport heaven on the road that connects the two 7-elevens in Sairee.

Choppers Bar and Grill

Choppers Bar and Grill.

For somewhere a bit quieter you might want to pop your head into The Brother, which is located at the crossroads on the main road in Sairee opposite the 7-eleven. Further up this road you will find Banyan Bar which to look at has no TVs in evidence; in the building behind the bar, however, is a large screen cinema. While it’s used for local film screenings, private events and movie nights mostly, for big ticket sporting events when there is enough interest, they open it so you can watch the sport on probably thelargest screen on Ko Tao. Pop in to ask if they are showing anything, and if they are you can enjoy relaxing on comfortable sofas in an air-conditioned, purpose-built room.



Mae Haad based sport fans don’t have to go to Sairee if they don’t want to. Reef Bar is up the road that runs away from the Seatran Pier on the right hand side and is your best bet in Mae Haad. The owner is a little football mad as you will see by the framed shirts hanging in the bar. Reef has large projection screen and maybe four other TVs too, and while it’s not as riotous as Choppers during a big match, there’s certainly enough atmosphere to enjoy the game and a large enough menu to fortify fans through 90 minutes!

Last updated on 11th December, 2014.

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