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Trang's botanical gardens and jungle canopy walkway

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Most travellers briefly pass through south Thailand’s Trang province en route to one of the Andaman Sea islands, perhaps grabbing a kopi or stopping by one of the area’s many waterfalls along the way. In search of something different, we recently gave the Trang Peninsular Botanical Gardens (Thung Khai) a shot. We were expecting plants and trees, but a series of raised walkways winding through jungle canopy some 18 metres above ground proved to be an unexpected adventure.

That's quite a garden.

That’s quite a garden.

Aside from a local couple (not a bad place for a date either), we were the only visitors on a drizzly weekday afternoon, and it was a joy to have the park’s several square kilometres blanketed by lush foliage practically all to ourselves. A series of well marked paths make this an optimal hiking destination, although — as we found out — the trails can get muddy in places.

Into the jungle.

Into the jungle.

Flower enthusiasts might be disappointed to find no well groomed gardens bursting with colour, but a smattering of rare plants and trees that are cared for by a local conservationist group may be seen near the front gates, each marked on a sign by its Thai and Latin biological name.

It's a

It’s a “baccaurea parviflora (Mull.Arg.)Mull.Arg. euphobiaceae”, but of course!

For the real fun, however, keep following the signs for “canopy walk” as they lead you deeper into the jungle. Seemingly out of nowhere, the first of six red steel “canopy stations” appears. When you get there, leave your acrophobia behind, and start the climb.

From boring plantlife researcher to exciting jungle adventurer in five minutes.

From boring plant-life researcher to exciting jungle adventurer in five minutes.

Constructed in 2003, the five narrow walkways are connected by observation towers with staircases that each lead higher than the last. The first walkway is only 10 metres off the ground, but further on they descend up to 18 metres — high enough to spot bats and flying squirrels in the treetops.

This is officially the coolest botanical gardens in existence.

Officially the coolest botanical gardens in existence.

Each walkway is held up by steel suspension wires supported by the towers. While they do feel safe and have some (albeit low standing) handrails, traversing the narrow walkways can be a tad unnerving, especially if they’re wet. At least you’ll get a better appreciation for what it’s like to be a monkey.

Don't look down!

Don’t look down!

Reaching the park by motorbike or car is relatively simple. Head out of Trang on route 404, which is the main highway heading south, towards the town of Yan Ta Khao. Continue for about 10 kilometres after passing Trang Airport, and keep an eye out for the large gateway and sign on the left for “Thung Khai Peninsular Botanical Gardens”. The gateway is made out of the same red steel as the jungle walkways. Alternately, a tuk tuk can take you to the park from Trang town and back for around 500 baht. To get there via mini bus head to the mini bus station just past the stadium (from railway station walk past the clock tower and take the next right, go past the stadium on the left hand side of the road) and get on any of the vans heading toward Yan Ta Khao. Ask to get off at Thungkai and it should cost 30 baht. To get back into town just wait on the other side of the road opposite the entrance. After about 20 mins waiting a mini bus picked us up same fare to get back into town. Admission is free.

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Trang's botanical gardens and jungle canopy walkway

Route 404, About 10 km south of Trang airport

Location map for Trang's botanical gardens and jungle canopy walkway

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