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Pongour Waterfall

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Fewer tourists venture to Pongour Waterfall given its distance from Da Lat and that means the falls is almost free of tourist kitsch.

Photo of Pongour Waterfall

Pongour is worth the journey and if you had to choose just one waterfall to visit while in Da Lat, we’d rank this over both Datanla and Elephant Waterfalls.

Entrance costs 10,000 VND and the parking pad has a few of the usual overpriced drinks and snack shops. Follow the trail and stairs down to the base of the wide and multi-layered falls. Pongour is comprised of a series of natural rocky ledges that you can climb to walk under and behind the cascades, a very cool way to, well, cool off. There’s a bridge over the stream so you can walk to the other side and see the falls from a different angle.

What’s refreshing (other than the water) is the fact there are no gaudy animal statues, cable cars or swan boats. Unlike Elephant Waterfalls, there’s relatively little rubbish or tourists. If you haven’t brought your own picnic, there are two low-key vendors who sell drinks and barbecue.

If you are going on an Easy Rider-type motorbike trip, most companies are willing to customise day trips and you can add Pongour to your itinerary for a few dollars more. If you’re flying to/from Da Lat, given its proximity to the airport, another option is to journey there after or before your flight.

How to get there
Pongour Waterfall is located 45 kilometres south west of Da Lat. From Lien Khuong Airport in Duc Trong District (the airport that services Da Lat), travel 20 kilometres south on Highway 20. Turn left and travel six kilometres west to reach the entrance. It wouldn’t be a bad thing if you got lost around this area – there is some very pretty countryside to explore.

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Pongour Waterfall

45km south west of Da Lat

Location map for Pongour Waterfall

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