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Valley of Love (Vallee d’Amour)

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If you are a romantic and have visions of strolling hand in hand with your beloved, then the Valley of Love is the place.

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If you’re a cynic, this place will curl your toes. Da Lat is the honeymoon capital of Vietnam and this park is one of the most popular attractions for domestic tourists. The park’s central feature, Da Thien Lake, is actually beautiful – if you can imagine away the “love bridge” and giant “magic faucet” (yes, faucet) they’ve placed in the middle, marring an otherwise picturesque scene. For foreigners, the forest fringed lake will be the highlight and you can hire a swan paddleboat to explore the length of it. The surrounding grounds and gardens are sprawling so it is possible to find quiet spots to yourself.

The hill leading down to the lake is full of kitsch and you’ll see newlyweds taking photos of each other next to statues of couple embracing, giant hearts, birds and butterflies. Only the deepest cynic could resist having a giggle. And nothing says “LOVE” more than paintball, zip lining, a scenic jeep tour and a souvenir shop.

The Valley of Love is five kilometres northeast of the city.

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Valley of Love (Vallee d’Amour)

5km north of Da Lat

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