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Ngoc Son Pagoda

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The site has been used as a temple since ancient times, but most of the current structures were built during the 19th century.

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It offers an eclectic variety of forefathers for Vietnamese to pay homage to, such as Confucian and Taoist notables, as well as Van Xuong, the spirit of the intellectuals, and national hero Tran Hung Dao. It's a testament to how ancestor worship trumps Buddhism in the belief system of the average Vietnamese pagoda-goer.

At the entrance to the bridge are two monuments constructed in 1864, one representing an ink brush (a tall tower) and the other an inkwell (a hollow rock held by three frogs). In the early morning of the festival of Doan Ngo, held on the fifth day of the fifth month, the shadow of the brush is positioned at the centre of the inkwell.

There's often a steady river of tourists streaming in and out of the pagoda, though luckily quite a few come to light incense and offer prayers, so it's not just a tourist attraction.

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Ngoc Son Pagoda

Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi
Summer 07:00-18:00; winter 07:30-17:30

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