Photo: Towards Cambodia from Thach Dong.

Mui Nai

Named for its apparent likeness to the head of a stag (the people of Ha Tien have better imaginations than the rest of us), this peninsula offers beach time.

Photo of Mui Nai

If you're coming from Phu Quoc, you won't be impressed -- though the yellow-brown sand is clean, the water calm and clear, it really pales in comparison to those found on the island. It’ll do if you’re keen for a splash and it will satisfy a hungry-thirsty traveller.

Mui Nai is a fairly popular spot for Vietnamese on a short holiday so it’s been built up with seafood stands, lounge chairs, vendors, inner tube rentals and umbrellas cemented into the ground. However, if you’ve allotted a day of beach time in Ha Tien, then we recommend you do a daytrip to beautiful Hai Tac/Pirate Island instead.

Mui Nai beach is six kilometres south of the border of Cambodia or a six-kilometre drive from Ha Tien, easily reached by motorbike or taxi.

Last updated on 22nd January, 2016.

Location map for Mui Nai

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