Chua Hang

Chua Hang

Come for the storks

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Also known as Kompong Chray, Chua Hang is a 17th century Khmer style temple situated just to the south of Tra Vinh’s bus station and is worth a visit both for the temple and the hundreds of storks that roost there.

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The real attraction is above you. : Stuart McDonald.
The real attraction is above you. Photo: Stuart McDonald

The name Chua Hang means “cave temple” supposedly a reference to the curious tunnel–like entrance on the main road. Once through, continue straight through the grove and you’ll reach the temple.

If the birds are roosting, you’ll hear them long before you see them, and you’ll also well and truly smell their guano. We’d guess there were hundreds of nests in the trees immediately surrounding the temple—if you look up, keep your mouth closed!

Make a moment and step inside to take a breath. : Stuart McDonald.
Make a moment and step inside to take a breath. Photo: Stuart McDonald

The temple itself is not in as good a condition as some of the others in Tra Vinh—paint is peeling off the walls and ceiling—and it lacks the more pleasing yellowish colouring. Tourists tend to visit here to see the birds. Allow 15 minutes to walk around the site—watch out for those bird droppings!

To reach Chua Hang, head straight south out of town on Dien Bien Phu. The temple is around 5.5 kilometres to the south of Cho Tra Vinh and about 300 meters (walking distance) south of the bus station, so if you’ve for 45 minutes to kill waiting for a bus to leave, go for a wander.

Contact details for Chua Hang

Address: Dien Bien Phu, about 300m south of the bus station
Coordinates (for GPS): 106º20'41.01" E, 9º53'14.67" N
See position in Apple or Google Maps: Apple Maps | Google Maps

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