Photo: Burning incense at a Cholon pagoda.

Phung Son Pagoda

It has been rebuilt a number of times, but was originally erected on what are thought to have been Funan ruins.

Photo of Phung Son Pagoda

At one time, plans were made to move the pagoda to another site. To facilitate this move, a large white elephant was loaded up with all the valuable items and was to be led to the new site but the beast stumbled more or less where it was loaded, dropping all the valuables into the pond still there. This was taken as a clear message from the gods that the pagoda was to stay exactly where it was.

The pagoda is surrounded by a number of interesting monks' tombs.

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Last updated on 14th February, 2012.

Phung Son Pagoda
1408 3 Thang 2 Blvd, District 5
Daily 05:00-19:00

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