Photo: Burning incense at a Cholon pagoda.

Cholon Mosque

Serving Cholon's Muslim community, the Cholon Mosque is a small place of worship built by Muslims from South India in 1932.

Photo of Cholon Mosque

With its blue gates, pastel details and white walls the mosque stands in quiet contrast to the surrounding busy area. A pool in the courtyard is used for ablutions, and prayers are held several times a day.

While Ho Chi Minh City once had a vibrant Muslim community, many fled post 1975, and, as is the case in with Saigon's other mosques, even on Friday prayers, things are never too busy. Today the worshippers are just as likely to be Malaysian and Indonesian as South Asian.

Although not as much to look at as the nearby Chinese pagodas it is worth a look, especially if you're cruising the Cholon area.

As with any mosque, remember to dress conservatively and remove your shoes before entering.

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Cholon Mosque
641 Nguyen Trai, District 5

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