Photo: Burning incense at a Cholon pagoda.

Cha Tam Church

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This pastel-yellow and white, slender church is worth combining with a trip to Cholon as it had a small but important role to play in Vietnam's wartime history.

Photo of Cha Tam Church

Following a coup on November 1, 1963, President Ngo Dinh Diem and his brother fled their palace through a tunnel network and eventually sought safety here.

They spent the night hidden within the church's grounds, but after efforts to contact sympathetic officers failed, they surrendered and gave up their position to the coup leaders. A military transport was sent to pick them up from the church grounds, but during the transfer to headquarters, the soldiers responsible for the two murdered both Diem and his brother.

Diem was subsequently buried in an unmarked grave not far from the US ambassador's residence.

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Cha Tam Church

25 Hoc Lac St, District 5
T: (08) 3856 0274

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