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The Old Tank

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On the beach, just south of the Lan Anh Hotel, is one of the very few pieces of war detritus in all of Vietnam that is actually still left in place.

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A tank, abandoned by fleeing South Vietnamese forces towards the end of the war, was left on the beach and has worked it's way so deep into the sand, not even the most eager scrap collector has bothered to work it out. You can still see the top of the tank and the gun turret, especially at low tide. It makes for a good Kodak moment with your friends. There's a picture in the Binh Dinh Museum in town, taken of this spot, with the Phuong Mai peninsula in the background, and destroyed tanks littering the beach. It might even be a picture of the same tank, but we couldn't be sure -- something fun to check out and decide for yourself.

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The Old Tank

Buried on the beach, Qui Nhon

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