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The Binh Dinh Museum

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Binh Dinh Museum (Bao Tang Binh Dinh) is a small museum in Qui Nhon, just south of the Saigon-Quy Nhon Hotel on Nguyen Hue St—file this one under “if you have a few minutes to kill”.

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In Vietnam, museums outside of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City can be hit or miss, and this one will firmly be in the latter unless you’re a history buff. The most interesting thing to see are some Cham stone artefacts, a US Army 105 mm gun and a tank. According to the plaque, armoured tank M.113 was used on Binh Dinh battlefield and seized by Battalion BB.51 of Binh Dinh armed force in the spring 1975 offensive. Since both are in the courtyard, you don’t need to pay admission to see them.

Entrance to the building is 5,000 dong and we found the most interesting display were black and white wartime photos, including Qui Nhon’s beach littered with tanks and corpses and a sunk American ship at Qui Nhon’s port. They certainly bring things into perspective when you’ve spent some days having fun at the beach just four decades on. Of course, captions are not shy about calling the South Vietnamese troops “puppet soldiers” and Americans “imperialist invaders.”

The rest seem inconsequential (limepot of heroic war mother Tran Thi Nhi, radio of heroic war mother Le Thi Dinh, spittoon of heroic war mother Dang Thi Ruong) and some are comically bad, like the jars holding prawn specimens and grade school dioramas, worth the visit for the laugh alone.

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The Binh Dinh Museum
Nguyen Hue St, Qui Nhon
Tu-Su: 07:00-11:00 & 14:00-17:00
Admission: 5,000 dong

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