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Long Khanh and Tam An Pagoda

The town's main pagoda is easily accessible and worth a visit.

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There's a 17 metre tall Buddha here, and a pagoda with some interesting statuary. There's a giant brass drum, a huge bell, and a statue of a 'thousand handed, thousand-eyed goddess of mercy' on display as well. The neighbourhood is also known for it's food -- a good selection of vegetarian restaurants, and some stand-out 'com' joints as well. Good for a morning excursion.

Tam An is a small, pretty pagoda nearby, just east of here, on Tang Bat street. But if you've had enough, it's skippable.

To get here, take Tran Cao Van St north from Nguyen Hue and the pagoda is visible on the left.

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Long Khanh and Tam An Pagoda
Centre of town, Qui Nhon

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