Ta Cu Mountain and the reclining Buddha

Ta Cu Mountain and the reclining Buddha

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The draw to Ta Cu Mountain is the 59 metre-long reclining Buddha. Combined with the way up either by cable car or via a two-hour hike, it may be enough to pique your interest.

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It’s a long way to the top. Photo by: Cindy Fan.
It’s a long way to the top. Photo: Cindy Fan

The admission fees are a choose your own adventure. Admission is 20,000 dong. A rather pointless golf buggy shuttle to the cable car is 20,000 dong roundtrip, saving you from a 15-20 minute walk. A one-way cable car ride is 80,000 dong, 120,000 dong roundtrip—this saves you from a two-hour hike up. If you go for the whole kit and caboodle, that’s 160,000 dong per person. Don’t forget the motorbike parking, for 4,000 dong.

The cable car covers just over 1.5 kilometres, takes about six minutes and offers some beautiful views of the surrounding lowlands, crisscrossed with rice fields and dragonfruit tree plantations—in itself, worth the trip. If you want to get to the top under your own steam, set out early. By 09:00 it can already be incredibly hot.

Quite a view. Photo by: Cindy Fan.
Quite a view. Photo: Cindy Fan

Once you get to the base of the site, walk up the sets of steep stairs passing various pagodas, a tourist cafe and statues until you reach the main attraction, Thich Ca Nhap Niet Ban, the reclining Buddha, or the pose as Buddha enters Nirvana. It is an impressive size. Not so impressive? The rubbish strewn around the grounds.

Ta Cu Mountain can be combined with Ke Ga lighthouse and the wild beach for a good daytrip out in a 90-kilometre triangle loop.

Dragon fruit. Oh no, wait, that’s the giant statue. Keep your eyes peeled for it. Photo by: Cindy Fan.
Dragon fruit. Oh no, wait, that’s the giant statue. Keep your eyes peeled for it. Photo: Cindy Fan

From Ta Cu Mountain, head back out toward the highway on the same road you came in and midway, there’s a road forking left to the south (there may be a sign pointing the way to Princess D’Annam Resort & Spa). This road south eventually meets TL712 which leads you to TL719 and the coast of wild white sand beach and the ... Travelfish members only (Full text is around 200 words.)

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