Po Ro Me Cham Tower

Po Ro Me Cham Tower

Tricky to reach, but worth it

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Po Ro Me Cham Tower isn’t easy to get to like Po Klong Garai, but that’s what makes it worthwhile.

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Solitary Cham tower. Photo by: Cindy Fan.
Solitary Cham tower. Photo: Cindy Fan

To reach Po Ro Me Cham Tower, head south on Highway 1A. Once you cross the river, continue for 8.2 kilometres. The turn off is at the junction with Highway TL703, on your right hand side. But instead of continuing on TL703, which veers right and heads north all the way back to Thap Cham train station, continue straight on this road for 1.7 kilometres. You’ll come to a bare patch of land used as a football pitch—turn left and follow the road for six kilometres. You’ll pass through La Chu village (there’s an large archway sign “Thon Van Hoa La Chu”) and eventually, at a distance, you will see the tower perched on the hill drowning in pink and white bougainvillea.

When we visited in March 2016, there was an ugly tourist centre being built, no doubt to hawk Cham pottery and other souvenirs. Hopefully it won’t change the atmosphere of the place and actually deliver information about the tower.

There be stairs. Photo by: Cindy Fan.
There be stairs. Photo: Cindy Fan

Steep stairs lead up to the only surviving tower with a doorway adorned with a flame motif, symbolising purity and karmic cleansing. The caretaker will unlock the door for you and sweep up the droppings of the resident bats. Take off your shoes and enter to see the magnificent red and black relief of the king as the many armed Shiva. To his right is his queen, at the vestibule is the bull (Nandi), who is fed by farmers during festivals in hopes of a good crop.

It’s a special feeling to visit this temple, which is still in use, as evidenced by the heady aroma of incense within. Cham people make pilgrimage to the site every year for the sacred Kate festival, which takes place in the first three days of the seventh month in the ... Travelfish members only (Full text is around 300 words.)

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Cindy Fan is a Canadian writer/photographer and author of So Many Miles, a website that chronicles the love of adventure, food and culture. After falling in love with sticky rice and Mekong sunsets, in 2011 she uprooted her life in Toronto to live la vida Laos. She’s travelled to over 40 countries and harbours a deep affection for Africa and Southeast Asia. In between jaunts around the world, she calls Laos and Vietnam home where you’ll find her traipsing through rice paddies, standing beside broken-down buses and in villages laughing with the locals.

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