Photo: Beachside, Tuy Hoa.

Nui Bao Thap (Precious Tower)

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This is a Cham tower on the top of a hill, called Nui Nhan (Swallow Mountain) in the centre of town.

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We could say, Yet another Cham Tower -- because we've seen every single Cham tower in the region, and we know some of you are in the same situation. This one was built in the 14th century by the Chien Thanh people and is 20 metres high. It's beautifully lit up at night, making it the signature of the town. It's a good 'warm up' for the other viewpoints on the local menu, and makes for a healthy jaunt if you climb up on foot.

Normally we'd give street directions to the site, but here's the thing -- the critical streets are poorly marked, and given that it's impossible to miss, it's easier just to head straight towards it. The access road is on a side street west of the tower hill -- completely un-marked, but easy enough to find. Where the uphill road takes it's first right turn, there's a stairway leading up to the tower, or if you continue on the paved road, it leads there as well. You can easily walk it or do it with your own transport.

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Nui Bao Thap (Precious Tower)

Central Tuy Hoa

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