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My Khe Beach

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Low-key and mostly undeveloped, My Khe is a fine beach to spend a lazy afternoon at. It’s just 15 km from Quang Ngai and the pitstop makes sense if you are visiting Son My Museum, however dark the irony of it all may be. They are 2.5 km apart, both are along the Mai Linh company bus line from Quang Ngai.

My Khe (not to be confused with Da Nang’s My Khe beach) is a kilometre-long stretch of light beige sand. It’s busier on weekends and public holidays in the dry season (May to September) with Vietnamese escaping for a break on the coast, but there’s plenty of space to spread out, the north and south end are deserted. On off-days, expect it to be very quiet. There are no facilities. This beach is for those who just want to chill out, swim and relax alone.

What did you expect? Photo taken in or around My Khe Beach, Quang Ngai, Vietnam by Cindy Fan.

What did you expect? Photo: Cindy Fan

We had previously recommended staying at My Khe instead of rather soulless Quang Ngai city. Oh my, how things have changed as most of My Khe’s accommodation is now down in the dumps. There is a overall feeling of decline in the town, an optimistic push for development now gone bust. The brick footpath has literally gone to seed. Empty seafood restaurants intensely pack the strip—we’ve never seen anything like it at any other beach town in Vietnam. It’s sign after sign after sign and the restaurant owners can be fairly aggressive in trying to get you to choose their place.

If you are determined to stay, then My Khe Hotel is the only acceptable joint remaining and this puts you in an easy position to see Son My and/or get to Sa Ky port for Ly Son island. The good news for those relying on public transport, they are all connected by bus.

Business can be slow at times... Photo taken in or around My Khe Beach, Quang Ngai, Vietnam by Cindy Fan.

Business can be slow at times... Photo: Cindy Fan

Bus #3 departs Quang Ngai bus station and winds its way through the city, crosses Tra Khuc bridge past My Tra Riverside Hotel and heads northeast with stops at Son My, then diverts to the coast for the kilometre stretch of My Khe (one stop at the beginning and one stop at the end of the beach near My Khe Hotel) before skirting up to Sa Ky port (gateway to Ly Son island). With careful timing and some patience, you could do a day trip from Quang Ngai to Son My and My Khe relying on this bus alone. Or take the bus to one of the spots, walk or use a taxi to shuttle you 2.5 km between the two, then return back to Quang Ngai by bus.

By motorbike, cross the Tra Khuc bridge (Cau Tra Khuc) going north, then turn right past My Tra Riverside Hotel. At the large roundabout, continue straight following QL24B. It’s 8 km to Son My, an additional 2.5 km to My Khe beach.

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My Khe Beach

Around 15km from Quang Ngai

Location map for My Khe Beach

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