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Things to see and do

Bagan: Options for your temple visits

Bagan has a lot of temples! Certain temples stand out due to their unique architectural style or by virtue of their size alone but to the uninitiated, a lot of them do look very similar. ... Read more about Bagan: Options for your temple visits .

Old Bagan Walled City

The starting point is Tharabar Gate, but we'd suggest actually kicking off about 150 metres to the southeast of there at either Star Cafe (orgasmic cheese baguetes) or at the mohingya stall under the tree in front of Abeyadana Pahto. Either way, once you're sated, walk up to the main road, take a left and follow it till you reach Tharabar Gate. Only the two flanks of what would once have been ... Read more about Old Bagan Walled City .

Old Bagan to Nyaung U

As with the Old City excursion, we commence near a moningya/cheese baguette filling station across from Ananda Pahto (monument 2171). Along with Shwe-zigon in Bagan and Shwedagon in Yangon, Ananda Pahto is one of Burma's most venerated shrines and has been a site of religious worship more or less since its founding. When this founding was exactly though remains up for debate – sources suggest ... Read more about Old Bagan to Nyaung U .

Old Bagan to New Bagan

You will need your own transport -- be it bicycle, pony or taxi. If you're doing it by bicycle, do as we did and start from New Bagan -- it means you're riding uphill the entire time but then it's an easy roll home at the end of the day. First stop is the fairly minor (in the scheme of things) Sein Nyet Nyima stupa and Sein Nyet Ama temple (monuments 1086 and 1085) where it is very much temple ... Read more about Old Bagan to New Bagan .

A south of New Bagan detour

Hpetleik Ashe and Hpetleik Anauk Paya (monument 1030 and monument 1031) are set near the southwestern extreme of Bagan and sit on the road that runs down to Lokananda Paya on the bank of the Ayeyarwady River. From the road the temples look unremarkable, with a modern exterior wall and a super ugly cement roof (to both support the upper structure and to protect the jataka tiles within) that ... Read more about A south of New Bagan detour .

Central Plains of Bagan

The following monuments are spread out by considerable distances. You'll be needing at least a bicycle and most certainly a hat and a good supply of water -- the trails can be a little confusing at times. First stop is Shwe-San-Daw (monument 1568), one of the very few monuments at Bagan that visitors are still permitted to climb. The multiple levels of 11th century Shwe-San-Daw offer ... Read more about Central Plains of Bagan .

Where to next?

Where are you planning on heading to after Bagan? Here are some spots commonly visited from here, or click here to see a full destination list for Burma_myanmar.

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