Photo: Zooming across Inle Lake.

Things to see and do

Three-day Inle Lake itinerary

Inle Lake itself is the main attraction in Nyaung Shwe, but the town is a pleasant spot to hang out, as it has one of the main traveller scenes in Burma and a range of good cafes. Three days spent here allows you to see the lake’s key attractions, plus a few other things to make your trip memorable. Here’s a suggested ... Read more about Three-day Inle Lake itinerary .

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Floating gardens and fishing villages

Any Inle Lake visit will include stops at some of the numerous and still largely traditional lakeside villages and their special floating ... Read more about Floating gardens and fishing villages .

Five-day markets

One of Inle Lake’s most popular and picturesque sights is its famous five-day market, so-called as it migrates from one rustic lakeside village to another on a five-day rota system. Local Shan and Intha people, as well as numerous Pa-O villagers from the surrounding hills, converge to sell their wares and produce. These days, numerous tourists converge to photograph them converging, while ... Read more about Five-day markets .

Handicraft villages

Some of the lake’s villages specialise in various handicraft and cottage industries and the workshops form regular stops on most Inle Lake itineraries. Some are indigenous to the lake and others more contrived, but they are on the whole at least traditionally Burmese -- even the contrived ones create work and income for the ... Read more about Handicraft villages .

In Dein

In Dein, occasionally referred to as the ’Shan Bagan’, is a huge collection of partly restored and partly ruined stupas begun in the 12th century and added to by Shan princes up until the 18th century. It is a highlight of any visit to Nyaung Shwe and should not be ... Read more about In Dein .

Mingalar Market
Yone Gi and Lan Ma Daw Sts, Nyaung Shwe

Nyaung Shwe market is hard to miss: it’s that vivid green square thing stuck smack bang in the middle of the little town. This is the permanent, daily market, open from early morning to mid-afternoon. Thankfully, and perhaps surprisingly considering the influx of visitors to Inle Lake’s gateway town, it’s managed to remain largely traditional and authentic, which is more than we can say for some ... Read more about Mingalar Market .

Khaung Daing and hot springs
Springs are around 2 kilometres short of Khaung Daing village, Nyaung Shwe
T: (094) 936 4876

Khaung Daing is a sprawling village stretched along Inle Lake featuring various food-related cottage industries but firmly off the regular tourist trail. A visit here, around an eight- or nine-kilometre bike ride from Nyaung Shwe, taking in some hot springs and beautiful scenery along the way, makes for a fine half-day activity. ... Read more about Khaung Daing and hot springs .

Red Mountain Winery and Maing Thauk
Taung Chey village
T: (094) 2835 8722, (093) 635 2449

Red Mountain Estate, one of Burma’s two wineries, lies just a few kilometres west of Nyaung Shwe and makes for a great side trip if you’ve a half day to hand. ... Read more about Red Mountain Winery and Maing Thauk .


Most trekkers in these parts are trekking to Inle from Kalaw, but there’s no reason at all why you can’t do it in the opposite direction, or try a far less busy trek in the mountainous area east of Nyaung Shwe and Inle. ... Read more about Trekking .

Other Inle Lake and Nyaung Shwe things to do

Aside from the gardens, markets and handicraft villages, several other minor things to do can be added on to typical Inle Lake ... Read more about Other Inle Lake and Nyaung Shwe things to do .

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