Photo: The region surrounding Kengtung can be beautiful.

Things to see and do

Portraits of Kengtung

Now that land border crossing regulations have been relaxed, it’s easy to travel to Kengtung from the Mae Sai-Tachilek ... Read more about Portraits of Kengtung .

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Since no outlying villages have licensed accommodation and at the time of writing no home-stays or Kalaw style overnights in monasteries are permitted, any trips are for the day only – meaning you are still really limited to the immediate environs of the town to which you have to return every evening. Your route requires a starting point that is accessible by motorbike, tuk tuk or truck from ... Read more about Trekking in Kengtung .

Attractions within Kengtung

The main attraction, both for visitors and locals, is without doubt the large and lively morning market, where you can see Shan, Chinese and Indian stall holders, monks and nuns gathering alms, turbaned Loi women porters waiting for jobs and Lahu, Akha, Akhu, Palaung and Enn villagers selling their wears or stocking up on supplies. Many of the hilltribe women and Enn men do like to dress up ... Read more about Attractions within Kengtung .

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Many ethnic groups have several sub-groups and sometimes costume, language and traditions can change from one village to another. Broadly speaking, the myriad ethnicities fall into 3 ethno-linguistic categories: Tai/Kadai including Shan and other Tai minorities such as Tai Leu; Mon/Khmer peoples which includes Wa, Palaung, Loi and Enn; and Sino-Tibetan groups such as Lisu, Lahu, Akha and ... Read more about Ethnic groups around Kengtung .

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Guides are required for any trip outside Kengtung and can be organised through your hotel if you haven’t picked one up in Tachileik. If you have your own transport you ought to be able to stop at various points along the Tachileik-Kengtung road for hikes to adjacent villages, though the closer you get to Kengtung the less it’s likely to be frowned upon by the authorities. For travelling ... Read more about Around Kengtung .

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