Photo: One of the many statues at Thanboddhay Paya.

Things to see and do

Bodhi Tataung
20 km southeast of Monywa

The amazing Bodhi Tataung standing Buddha image, Laykyun Sethyar, towers 130 metres above the surrounding countryside. There’s some debate, but the consensus seems to have China’s Spring Temple statue -- also a standing Buddha -- as the world’s tallest statue, with Monywa’s effort weighing in second. Not bad for little ... Read more about Bodhi Tataung .

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Thanboddhay Paya
10km southeast of Monywa, off the main Mandalay highway

The principal worshipping hall of Thanboddhay Paya or Monastery, set amid an extensive complex of shrines, stupas and monastic buildings, is said to house more than half a million Buddha images. It’s a stunning ... Read more about Thanboddhay Paya .

Po Win Taung Cave Temples and Shwe Ba Taung
35 km west of town off the road to Pale

The vast cave temple complex at Po Win Daung is home to shallow niches scratched out of the sandstone by hand that sprawl on and on, seemingly endlessly. A kilometre or further is the even more stunning Shwe Ba Taung, which some have taken to calling Burma’s Petra, but we think of it as more of a Burmese take on Ethiopia’s Lalibela. Both lie across the Chindwin River to the west of Monywa ... Read more about Po Win Taung Cave Temples and Shwe Ba Taung .

A Myint

The charming riverside village of A Myint, 25 kilometres south of Monywa, is one of those destinations where getting there is a large part of the fun. Although it’s a cute and very traditional village, A Myint’s principal tourism raison d’etre is a clutch of more than 300 ancient stupas scattered through the village centre. The mostly ruined brick stupas look In Dein-style to our eye and ... Read more about A Myint .

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