Photo: Streetside drying chillies near Kompong Cham.

Things to see and do

Wat Nokor Bachay
Off National Route 7, Kompong Cham

Wat Nokor Bachay is a kind of Russian doll temple, with a relatively modern pagoda buried within the walls of an Angkorian temple dating back to the era of Jayavarman VII. This was the warrior king who also built Bayon, Ta Prohm, Preah Khan, Banteay Chhmar, and many, many more. Just over a kilometre out of town, on the road towards Phnom Penh, the original sandstone and laterite temple is made up ... Read more about Wat Nokor Bachay .

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Phrom Pros and Phnom Sray
20-minute moto ride from Kompong Cham

Two hills face one another in a near stand-off, each topped with their own pagodas: The rather lovely, grand and ornate pagodas on top of Phnom Pros (Men’s Hill), and a rather shabbier cluster on top of Phnom Srei (Women’s Hill). But Phnom Srei is higher, which may have prompted the pagoda version of compensatory overachievement on the other side of the gulf between ... Read more about Phrom Pros and Phnom Sray .

The French watchtower
Off National Route 7, opposite Kompong Cham

Just on the far side of Kizuna Bridge, and north a little, a proud remnant of the French period looks over the Mekong. The French Watchtower was built in the 1900s, presumably to guard the rubber plantations against bandits sneaking up from the river, and renovated in 2005. The Kompong Cham Governor’s house has a direct line of site to the watchtower and when a warning was needed a large fire ... Read more about The French watchtower .

The bamboo bridge and Koh Pen
Off Sihanouk Rd, Kompong Cham

It is the longest bamboo bridge in the world, and is rebuilt every year once the rainy season passes and the Mekong subsides to reveal the sandy banks below. Almost a kilometre long and made entirely of blonde bamboo poles, the bridge remains until it is submerged and washed away again every year when the Mekong, flush with snows from the Himalayas, surges ... Read more about The bamboo bridge and Koh Pen .

Wat Maha Leap and Prey Chung Kran weaving village
Prey Chung Kran, Kompong Cham

Along the prettiest of waterways, 24 kilometres outside Kampong Cham, Wat Maha Leap is the last working wooden pagoda of its kind. Inside, each pillar required a whole tree. Sadly, a large beam fell down in early 2012, partly destroying the central altar and access has been restricted, although a smile and donation should find the ... Read more about Wat Maha Leap and Prey Chung Kran weaving village .

Prasat Han Chey
22km north of Kompong Cham

Just over 22 kilometres to the north of Kompong Cham, at the side of a picturesque road that skirts the Mekong River, you’ll find Prasat Han Chey on top of a hill on the far side of an iron bridge. It is, perhaps, one of the more kitsch pagoda grounds we’ve come ... Read more about Prasat Han Chey .

Cheung Kok ecotourism village
Cheung Kok, Kampong Cham
T: (069) 555 115

Cheung Kok is one of the prettiest Cambodian villages we’ve seen and also happens to be home to a fascinating “community-based ecotourism” ... Read more about Cheung Kok ecotourism village .

Island o’clock?
Island o’clock?
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