Photo: Riverside scenes, Kratie.

Things to see and do

Summary of things to do in Kratie

A gateway to the north, Kratie is a charming, pleasant city to pass a couple of days. It’s most famous for its dolphins, but there are plenty of other ... Read more about Summary of things to do in Kratie .

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Dolphin watching near Kratie

Fewer than 100 of the lovely Irrawaddy dolphins are now thought to inhabit a 190-kilometre stretch of the Mekong, running between Kampi, just north of Kratie, all the way up to Laos. Around 25 of these live off of Kampi, an attractive village extending along the river. Considered sacred by Khmer and Lao people, they are also a valuable source of income for communities along the Mekong. But the ... Read more about Dolphin watching near Kratie .

Koh Trong

One of the prettiest places we’ve visited in Cambodia, Koh Trong is worth taking a slow morning or afternoon over for a chance to meander through litter-free, picture-perfect villages, maybe catch a swim off the beach on the west side, and enjoy a slice of peaceful, rural Cambodian life, with no chance of being blown over by a ... Read more about Koh Trong .

Chhlong and the Roka Kandal Pagoda

Many towns and villages make pleasant day trips from Kratie, and chief among them is Chhlong, about an hour and a half south by motorbike. The town itself was once a bustling port for French and Chinese traders, and the beautiful, decaying colonial architecture lining the riverfront attests to this. The buildings are all occupied, so you can’t go in to explore, and there’s something terribly ... Read more about Chhlong and the Roka Kandal Pagoda .

Island o’clock?
Island o’clock?
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Where to next?

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