Photo: Dirt road travelling near Sen Monorom.

Things to see and do

Bunong village and hill trekking

The Bunong community around Sen Monorom is under threat. They are an ethnic minority within Cambodia, though, so far, make up a majority of the population in Mondulkiri, making a living by subsistence farming and, where possible, selling off any surplus. They are described as a generally very relaxed people, which may be one of the sources of their vulnerability as more and more of their land, ... Read more about Bunong village and hill trekking .

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Elephant Valley Project
Contact via Heffalump Cafe in Sen Monorom or via their website
T: (099) 696 041

A reserve and retirement home focused on rescuing and rehabilitating Cambodian elephants from lifetimes of drudgery and abuse, Elephant Valley gives tourists a chance to observe the world’s largest land animals in their natural habitat and relearning how to act according to their own natural ... Read more about Elephant Valley Project .

Bou Sra Waterfall, village and ziplines
43 km outside Sen Monorom

Bou Sra Waterfall is a magnificent sight, tumblingthrough a gorge set in the jungle near the Bunong town of Bou Sra. It can now be reached by a 35 kilometre road that is now virtually paved all the way from Sen Monorom, cutting the journey time down to around half an hour, depending on your driving. The non-paved sections are still quite tricky, and need to be approached carefully (slowly). As ... Read more about Bou Sra Waterfall, village and ziplines .

Sunset Hill, Phnom Doh Krokom Pagoda and the “sea forest”

You can catch great sunsets and some incredible views of the surrounding hills, coated with dense trees as far as the eye can see, on the hills behind the air strip at the top of Sen Monorom. Mayura Resort has built a special viewing platform at Phnom Dok Krokom Pagoda, and it’s a lovely spot to unwind after a day trekking or swimming. To get there, head out of town towards Bou Sra, then turn ... Read more about Sunset Hill, Phnom Doh Krokom Pagoda and the “sea forest” .

Other waterfalls

Several waterfalls can be found in the hills surrounding Sen Monorom, all within easy reach whether you’re running your own transport or hiring. The loveliest one we found was actually enroute during a trek we did from the village of Batung. It was a gorgeous spot absolutely throbbing with butterflies. We didn’t get the name, and it’s only accessible on ... Read more about Other waterfalls .

Island o’clock?
Island o’clock?
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Where to next?

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