Photo: Enjoying the late light off Kep.

Things to see and do

Kep beach

Once a rather dreary stretch of grey sand, Kep Beach has been transformed into a squeaky, shiny white beach thanks to an ambitious importation of sand from nearby Kampot, which has the sand but no beach. Despite having to be regularly topped-up, Kep Beach is now a pleasant spot for sun ... Read more about Kep beach .

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Crab market

Hanging out in Kep’s crab market is one of our favourite things to do in Cambodia, but eating crab is becoming increasingly controversial. Over-fishing of the crabs is decimating stocks and contributing to destruction of nearby coral reefs and seagrass beds. Many reputable hotel restaurants in Kep will no longer serve Kep crab. Perhaps reconsider the crab and go for a more sustainable fish or ... Read more about Crab market .

Kampot pepper plantations and salt flats

Pepper grown in Kampot has enjoyed a reputation as the world’s best for decades. Chic Parisian restaurants in the 1930s wouldn’t serve anything else. It derives its flavour from a combination of the rich, mineral soils around Kampot mixed with the sea air, and the bat guano that is deposited in caves around the ... Read more about Kampot pepper plantations and salt flats .

General things to do

Aside from the pepper plantations, checking out the crab market (but eating more sustainable seafood instead), hanging out at the beach, and perhaps popping over to Koh Tonsay, Kep offers an interesting range of other things to do and ... Read more about General things to do .

Island o’clock?
Island o’clock?
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Where to next?

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