Photo: Hilltop pagoda views outside Battambang.

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Hiking, walking tours and itineraries

Battambang weekend

It may be Cambodia’s second-largest city, but Battambang, a sleepy burg connected to the Tonle Sap by the Sangkor River, retains a unique small-town charm and makes for a great weekend getaway from Phnom Penh or Siem Reap. ... Read more about Battambang weekend .

Tours of Battambang

Walking ‘heritage’ tours take in wats, markets and colonial buildings in town while some of the cycling options take you to Phnom Sampeou, Wat Banan or Wat Ek, stopping at villages on route. This is a great way to visit the area’s sights while taking in the magnificent local scenery at a leisurely ... Read more about Tours of Battambang .

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Ek Phnom and Wat Baset

Wat Ek, often called Ek Phnom, dates back to the 11th century and is one of the most visited attractions around Battambang. If you’ve already seen Angkor you’ll probably find it a bit disappointing, but if you haven’t been there yet, it’s a fine taster. The temple has some good carvings remaining and is particularly picturesque at sunset. It’s only a 10 kilometre or 20 minute or so ... Read more about Ek Phnom and Wat Baset .

Phnom Banan

Phnom Banan is some 22 kilometres to the south of Battambang, but worth a visit if you’ve time to spare. Like Ek Phnom, Banan is also originally 11th century-built, though it saw a Buddhist makeover during the 12th century and reign of Jayarvarman VII. The temple is constructed on top of a hill overlooking the Sangkar river and there’s a 358-step climb to the top, where five towers ... Read more about Phnom Banan .

Phnom Sampeou

Just 12 kilometres southwest of Battambang, a strange protrusion is the site for a pretty hilltop pagoda complex from which gorgeous views across Battambang’s green fields and distant hills can be enjoyed as a reward for making the hard slog up the steep hill, and for confronting one of the more dire elements of the Khmer Rouge ... Read more about Phnom Sampeou .

Prasart Stueng

A final temple you’ll see in Battambang guides is Prasart Steung in Snoeung village, and a great little temple it is too, though it’s some way out of town on the Pailin road. A visit here could be combined with Phnom Sampeou, with Snoueng being the next village down the road. If road conditions are okay, there’s a loop taking you from Banan to Sampeou, making for a round day trip. ... Read more about Prasart Stueng .

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General activities

Phare Circus
Phare Ponleu Selpak, Anh Chanh village, Ochar commune, Battambang
T: (077) 554 413

Born out of the ashes of the Civil War and Khmer Rouge era, Phare Ponleu Selpak is an extraordinary initiative that aims to provide a channel and a future for young Cambodians through the arts. One of the most visible, and exciting, outcomes of this is the Phare Circus just outside of the city and a trip to Battambang genuinely can’t be considered complete without ... Read more about Phare Circus .

Bamboo train

Unfortunately in late 2017 work commenced on tearing up the rail lines in preparation for laying track for the new rail line between Phnom Penh and Battambang—this means it is no longer possible to use the bamboo train. Perhaps, when the new line is in, something will reappear, but for now it is not possible. We’re keeping the following just for the ... Read more about Bamboo train .

Battambang Winery
Banan Winery, Battambang
T: T: (012) 665238

Cambodia’s first and only winery, the Chan Thai Choeung (or Banan) Winery, is located 14 kilometres outside of town on the banks of the Sangkar River and is open for visits and tasting. ... Read more about Battambang Winery .

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Battambang Provincial Museum
River road, centre of town, Battambang

Can't get enough of Cambodia's ancient relics? Battambang museum offers an excellent display of sculptures and sandstone carvings, mostly items that have been removed from Cambodia's various temples. The pieces seem to be arranged in no particular order with little regard to chronology or origin, but with its great central location, cheap admission fee of $1 and magnificent Angkorian works of ... Read more about Battambang Provincial Museum .

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Cooking classes

Cooking classes

Smokin’ Pot Laidback, informative and entertaining; sold as the longest-running cooking class in Cambodia, the Smokin’ Pot lessons also offer excellent value, at only $10 for a half-day, which includes a copy of a cookbook with 12 of the restaurant’s best recipes, so you don’t need to worry about remembering everything you’ve just ... Read more about Cooking classes .

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Art galleries or venues

The art scene in Battambang

For a small town, Battambang has its share of interesting galleries and cultural spaces and a lively art scene worth seeking ... Read more about The art scene in Battambang .

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Battambang doesn’t really lend itself easily, or much at all, to identification as a shopping mecca, or even the kind of place you might go slightly out of your way for to satisfy your material desires, unless you dream of tractors. But there are still interesting things to be found in among the phone shops and hair ... Read more about Shopping .

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Island o’clock?
Island o’clock?
Ad Heading to Cambodia’s islands?
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