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Day trips

Preah Khan of Kampong Svay

A temple of unparalleled dimensions whose glories were for so long shrouded in mystery, inaccessible to all but the most determined — or deranged — of travellers, the magic of Preah Khan of Kampong Svay is now available to all. Or at least all those willing to undertake the 100 kilometre journey from Kompong Thom. These are still few, which means that the chances of being able to explore this ... Read more about Preah Khan of Kampong Svay .

Sambor Prei Kuk
About 30 km northeast of Kompong Thom town

A site older than Angkor lost in tranquil forests, Sambor Prei Kuk is even more mysterious (and to some, lovely) than the more famous temples to the west. In a cool and peacefully leafy setting, beautiful 1,200-year-old brick temples combine with nature to create an environment that showcases the best of both ... Read more about Sambor Prei Kuk .

Prasat Kok Rocha
Roka village, Steung Sen district

While most provincial Cambodian towns may scrape the bottom of the barrel at times in order to offer up any alternatives to Siem Reap’s jackpot tourist attractions, Kompong Thom’s very own Leaning Tower is genuinely worth a peek for the trickle of more adventurous travellers who do make it to this central Cambodian ... Read more about Prasat Kok Rocha .

Phnom Santuk
About 15 kilometres southeast of town, off National Road 6

This hilltop pagoda with an active monastery embodies both the good and bad of modern Cambodian culture. It has a beautiful view from the top of the wat, as well as friendly English-speaking monks keen to have a chat and Cambodian teens interested in practising the English skills they learn in school. It also has kitschy statues of poor quality located along the 980-step path to the top of the ... Read more about Phnom Santuk .

Santuk Silk Farm
20 metres north of Phnom Santuk entrance
T: (012) 906 604

Right before the entrance to Phnom Santuk is a sign on the right side of the road for Santuk Silk Farm. It's set about 10 metres down the dirt road on the left. Tour groups occasionally come through, we were told, and they provide lunch if you let them know you're coming three days in advance. The organisation employs 15 local women from Svay Kal village and is run by husband-and-wife team Bud ... Read more about Santuk Silk Farm .

Prasat Kuh Nokor
Baray district, around 25km north of Skun and 5km off to the west of Route 6

Several spelling variations exist for Kuh Nokor, the largest and best-preserved of the province’s temple sites after Sambor Prei Kuk. This is a popular stop for tour groups or travellers with their own transport. Restored during the French period, this laterite temple dates from the reign of Suryavarman I and consists of an enclosure wall, library and central shrine above whose entrance is ... Read more about Prasat Kuh Nokor .

Prasat Phum Prasat and Tnoat Chum
Around 30km southeast of Kompong Thom

Two smaller temples of note are located in Santuk and Baray districts. Prasat Phum Prasat (or “temple of the village where there is a temple”) is an impressive eighth century 12-metre tall brick tower in a pyramidal shape boasting a spectacular and beautifully preserved lintel and finely carved columns flanking the doorway. It's located a mere 500 metres south of the main highway in Phum ... Read more about Prasat Phum Prasat and Tnoat Chum .

Prasat Andet
Sangkor village in Kompong Svay district, around 30km west of Kompong Thom, 2km south of the highway

Prasat Andet means ‘floating temple’, and it rises up from a small hillock on the flood plains, which explains the name. Consisting of a brick tower situated in a modern Buddhist temple in a village just off the highway, Prasat Andet is notable for the fact it’s some 1,400 years old. This early seventh century, Jayavarman I tower doesn’t have the well preserved carvings of Prasat Phum ... Read more about Prasat Andet .

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Hiking, walking tours and itineraries

Cycling around Kompong Thom

The surrounds of Kompong Thom town offer some beautiful rural and riverine scenery, best taken in by bicycle along a few key routes. Head to the west side of the bridge on Route 6 and turn right where the Mittapheap Hotel is and just follow the road along there for as far as you want to go before heading back again. The scenery is stunning, with rice fields as far as the horizon, forests and ... Read more about Cycling around Kompong Thom .

A stroll around Kompong Thom

Here's a quick do-it-yourself walking tour of Kompong Thom. Head down to the bridge and take a left along the riverbank. First up is a small municipal park with a rather unusual statue, and even stranger play area with some rather sinister-looking climbing frames. We think the statues are supposed to be dolphins entirely constructed out of AK47 parts handed in during a gun amnesty at the end of ... Read more about A stroll around Kompong Thom .

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Kompong Thom Museum
National Route 6, Kompong Thom

This tiny one-room museum was opened in 2010 but is already gathering dust, and if it sees an average of one visitor a day we'd be surprised. Exhibit-wise they've gone for quality not quantity -- there are some superb exhibits, particularly a collection of Sambor Prei Kuk and early period lintels. All the favourite Angkor statue subjects are there: lions, nagas, Buddha, Lokesvara and Vishnu, in ... Read more about Kompong Thom Museum .

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Wat Kompong Thom

The eponymously named Wat Kompong Thom is the largest in town. Also known as Wat Indrisamvora, a high wall hides much of it from street level view, though it is definitely worth a peek inside. There's a large collection of very gaudy statues depicting scenes from Buddhist mythology scattered around the grounds and a large bright yellow main worshipping hall, but some of the associated temple ... Read more about Wat Kompong Thom .

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Boat trips

River cruise
Democrat St, Kompong Thom
T: (062) 961 391, (017) 924 612

Sambor Village runs river cruises that can take a couple of hours or a whole day, depending on what you fancy, and the evening sunset cruise is a lovely way to get a glimpse of village life along the Sen, which is the second most populated part of Kompong Thom province, aside from that other main artery, National Route 6 – take our word for it, the river is infinitely more peaceful. The ... Read more about River cruise .

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