Photo: Beach reflection, Balian.

Things to see and do

Things to do around Balian Beach

Balian is a beautiful beach area roughly two hours west of Bali’s international airport (traffic permitting) and while it’s best known as a place to go for riding one of Bali’s famous surf breaks, it also makes for a fine diversion for the non-surfing inclined. For while Balian does see a steady stream of travellers year round, and does have plenty of accommodation, it retains a quaint ... Read more about Things to do around Balian Beach .

Balian Beach

Balian Beach was the place we first really fell in love with Bali. The black sand beach is set at the mouth of the same-named river. It’s a big river and the combination of large surf, strong currents and the volume of water pouring out of the river — especially in wet season — doesn’t make for a good swimming beach, BUT if you’re a surfer, Balian is close to a must ... Read more about Balian Beach .

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