Photo: A great day at Uluwatu.

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Bali’s eastern Bukit beaches

The Bukit peninsula at the southernmost tip of Bali is home to some of the most stunning beaches on the entire island. ... Read more about Bali’s eastern Bukit beaches .

Bali’s best beaches on the Bukit

It’s a common complaint from first-time visitors to Bali (we were guilty of this ourselves) that Balinese beaches are just ordinary. I remember the first time I stepped onto a Balinese Beach — staying at Villa Kresna in Seminyak, I strolled down to check out the surf I’d heard so much about and found a dirty gun-metal grey beach, littered with rubbish and waste water — it was less than ... Read more about Bali’s best beaches on the Bukit .

Pura Luhur Uluwatu

When the sun sets over the Indian Ocean, the silhouette of the temple perched on the edge of the towering cliffs leaves jaws gaping — it is an absolutely stunning sunset point. At the same time, a kecak dance performance takes place and is so well done that it is definitely worth the 70,000 rupiah entrance fee and is a must-see — even if you are enjoying it with hundreds of other ... Read more about Pura Luhur Uluwatu .

Balangan beach

Basically the next beach of any size between what used to be known as Dreamland (now fittingly referred to as New Kuta) and the Ayana Resort (and Jimbaran after it). The beach is down a steep staircase and an assortment of warungs and cheap homestay/shacks are set up along the eastern end of the beach. Slightly to the west of centre is a temple and after that there is nothing — just ... Read more about Balangan beach .

Dreamland beach

Now the beachhead for the sprawling Pecatu Indah Resort complex, Dreamland has been renamed New Kuta — an entirely appropriate action. Today, above the beach stands a colossal monument to bad taste, an absolute eyesore and complete blight on the landscape. Yeah, we’re not fans. Nor are the families who ran warungs on the beach and got kicked off their land. Nor are many of the surfers, who ... Read more about Dreamland beach .

Bingin Beach

It’s almost as if the cliff face is built out, with everything from $2 shanties to quite fancy looking air-con villas, and it’s all interconnected by a dog’s breakfast of trails and staircases, all very slippery when wet. There are bars, warungs and even an internet cafe, all overlooking the water enjoying simply fabulous views over Bingin’s terrific surf breaks. Atop the cliff you’ve got a ... Read more about Bingin Beach .


Situated midway between Padang Padang and Bingin, Impossibles is mostly cliff and boulders, broken up by the occasional slice of soft yellow sand. It’s a lovely area, but incredibly isolated and at night we’d warrant some of the staircases are seriously hazardous. Accommodation is limited, aside from one (temporarily) closed resort, the only other lodgings we could find were salubrious private ... Read more about Impossibles .

Padang Padang beach

Oddly, most only go to the latter as that is the one that you can see from the bridge that passes it by. There are also plentiful food vendors and umbrellas for rent. The surfing break is offshore, but the waters in close are calm and there’s a good shallows area by the overhang. There’s also often stacks of butterflies. The little beach is reached by following the stairs around a close ... Read more about Padang Padang beach .


With a multitude of bars and warungs built into the cliff, this is also one of the best for just taking in the scene. The beach can be reached by two separate spurs of Jalan Pantai Suluban, each of which terminates at one end or the other of the staircases that weave their way down, rabbit-warren like, eventually doubling back on themselves, threading under an enormous rock ledge and opening out ... Read more about Uluwatu .

Nyang Nyang

To get there, follow a rough and rocky dirt trail from the main Uluwatu road (look out for the small blue sign reading Nyang Nyang surfing beach) to where it finishes at the cliff edge. You’ll see a small shack of a shop and a house and from there it’s a 15-minute walk down the 500+ steps that climb the Nyang Nyamg escarpment. Once at the base you’ll see more cows than people and you can set ... Read more about Nyang Nyang .

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